Reconfiguring Truth

Postmodernism, Science Studies, and the Search for a New Model of Knowledge

By (author) Steven C. Ward

Publication date:

04 October 1996

Length of book:

184 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780847682591

This refreshingly original book links the postmodern critique of notions such as 'reality' and 'truth' with approaches to knowledge found in science and technology studies (STS), a field also discontent with traditional epistemology. Exploring STS approaches to knowledge, such as actor-network theory, Ward forges a path through the impasse of the modernism vs. postmodernism debate. Reconfiguring Knowledge is an important work for social scientists and theorists, philosophers, historians, and scholars of science and technology.
Long overdue . . . the first sober attempt to locate the recent science studies literature in the sociology of knowledge tradition. The book should prove accessible to both teachers and students.