Those Who Can

Why Master Teachers Do What They Do

By (author) Neil Bright

Paperback - £26.00

Publication date:

27 December 2012

Length of book:

196 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781475801453

In any endeavor, it is difficult to know what excellence is without knowing what excellence looks like. Linking theory and practice, Those Who Can: Why Master Teachers Do What They Do illustrates what instructional excellence "looks like" by detailing what elite instructors do and as importantly, why their pedagogical choices lead to uncommonly good student results.

Thoughtfully written, clearly explained, and thoroughly researched by a master educator with more than four decades of public school experience,
Those Who Can provides school administrators, education students, and teachers of all experience levels with a no-nonsense practical blueprint indicating what instructional strategies promote learning, what approaches undermine learner performance, and the behavioral principles underlying both outcomes.

In demystifying the so-called art of instruction, the approaches outlined in
Those Who Can will improve student achievement with little investment other than the time it takes to read the book, the courage to implement its concepts, and an open-minded willingness to challenge the educational status quo of what is for the instructional promise of what could be.
Bright outlines and supports his argument that increased student achievement is dependent on improved teacher skill with appropriate and ample research in his introduction. From there, he delineates and explains 14 practices of effective teachers. Bright makes an effort to link theory with practice, and clearly draws on his experiences as an educator to address topics including vision, curriculum, student motivation and expectation, instructional responsibility, classroom management, questioning techniques, and working with parents. Additionally, he offers practical examples in each chapter and sample rubrics in the appendix for readers to consider. The author's writing style has the conversational tone of an expert lecturer speaking to his audience. It is readable and contains a great deal of helpful research, discussion, and suggestions. It would prove valuable to all educators, particularly those actively seeking greater professional efficacy and improved student success. Bright's most obvious audience is the classroom teacher or prospective classroom teacher, and the book would be appropriate supplemental reading in teacher preparation classes. School administrators would also benefit from reading this book as they lead their staffs toward master teaching. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduate, graduate, research, and professional collections.