Bon Jovi

America's Ultimate Band

By (author) Margaret Olson

Publication date:

20 June 2013

Length of book:

182 pages


Scarecrow Press

ISBN-13: 9780810886612

In 1986, when Bon Jovi’s third studio album, Slippery When Wet, was released, America had found its next superband. In Bon Jovi: America’s Ultimate Band, Margaret Olson chronicles the history and music of the band from its inception to present day. She closely examines Bon Jovi’s musical and social relevance to listeners past and present, exploring the remarkable ways the band has emerged as the expression and product of deep cultural needs and how, within a few years of commercial success, it has made a lasting impact on Generation X, the music business, and American culture. Through opportunities offered by cable television (particularly MTV), Hollywood, and corporate brands, Bon Jovi has been able to influence not only the music, film, and television industries but also the worlds of fashion, musical theater, art, philanthropy, and politics.

Like any megaband, its members have struggled with addiction, the demands of fame, and a lack of critical respect. They have persevered, however, to become one of the United States’ world’s best-selling touring bands. Bon Jovi is a testament to the way modern culture and entertainment can become intertwined, and its success underscores the length of the band’s career, the professionalism of its management, the recognition of what audiences want, and the unique way the
music—more than anything else—both reflects and shapes the social and musical American landscape it inhabits.

Titles in the
Tempo series are ideal introductions to major pop and rock artists, the music they produce, and their cultural and musical impact on society. Bon Jovi: America’s Ultimate Band should interest fans, students, and scholars alike.
[R]eaders will emerge from Bon Jovi: America’s Ultimate Bandwith...knowledge of Jon Bon Jovis early life and the factors that contributed to his bands success. . . .[The book] provides a useful introduction to the bands history and music, and it identifies several areas where more research is needed.