Teaching, Learning, and National Board Certification

By (author) David Lustick

Publication date:

16 December 2010

Length of book:

316 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781607098942

For anyone who was a candidate for National Board certification or might be a candidate in the future, Certifiable: Teaching, Learning, and National Board Certification is a must-read book. Dr. Lustick (NBCT, 1998 & 2008) explores all aspects of the certification process in an accessible and meaningful style. Lustick uses his own considerable experiences as a science teacher, National Board candidate, National Board assessor, and educational researcher to provide evidence of NBPTS as an opportunity for professional growth.

What are teachers learning from National Board certification? Dr. Lustick interviewed more than 140 teachers from 42 states to find an answer. In a report to congress, the National Research Council described Dr. Lustick's work as one of only two studies "that objectively evaluated the impact of [certification] on teachers' practices." Whether a candidate was ultimately identified as accomplished or not, David Lustick's research indicates that certification offers all candidates a chance to improve their practice. This book provides educational stakeholders an important resource for understanding NBPTS as a means to improve teacher quality in an environment of high stakes testing.
Certifiable is excellent and, best of all, I learned a great deal from it. It is well written, clear, and free from academic jargon, with one of the best summaries of the National Board and its work that I have seen. The reporting of research is a model of intellectual transparency and disarmingly honesty. This book should be read by anyone who may have doubts about the wisdom of investing in a professional certification system for and by teachers. They will be convinced that such an effort is both possible and desirable.