Publication date:

30 January 2006

Length of book:

220 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742536302

Over the past few years, coverage of terror attacks has featured prominently in numerous media outlets. Drawing on both popular and academic articles, the essays in Media, Terrorism, and Theory: A Reader analyze the larger issues surrounding media's portrayal of terrorism, including terrorism as a media event, war and media, nationalism and media, public responsibility, and journalistic accountability. Renowned contributors from around the world explore these issues as they relate to a global community. From such diverse fields as cultural studies, political science, media studies, architecture, and information science, each brings a distinctive perspective. Answering a growing need to understand media discourse on terrorism, Media, Terrorism, and Theory complements readings in upper-level mass communication courses and will appeal to students and scholars of international media and terrorism.
As terrible as terror is, our media coverage is at times almost as bad. Why is that? What can we do about it? To understand the world today, you need to know the role the media plays as it embeds itself in an unjust system of deception. We need this bold new reader to help us penetrate that story behind the story. It is essential.