The Politics of Authentic Engagement

Perspectives, Strategies, and Tools for Student Success

By (author) Kathy Leslie With Judy Taccogna

Publication date:

16 March 2015

Length of book:

282 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475815313

The Politics of Authentic Engagement: Perspectives, Strategies and Tools for Student Success provides practical approaches for leaders in a variety of roles to address the changing landscape of schooling, build dynamic relationships in support of schools, help parents/families support their children’s achievement and create a culture of engagement. Strategies described in this book teach how to serve as a listener, teacher, leader facilitator, and initiator in engaging others within professional settings to do meaningful work that benefits students. It's companion book, Authentic Engagement: Perspectives, Strategies, and Tools for Student Success supports leaders in helping others learn to engage by providing handout, overheads, instructions, and other prompts to use in workshop settings.

This excellent book not only offers a convincing argument that educators must engage community members in the educational decisions that will affect them and their children, but it also provides the skills that educators and stakeholders must learn to be meaningfully engaged with one another. Real skills, such as story telling, listening, problem solving, conflict management, and facilitation. To cap it off, the book also shows how to apply those skills to real-world situations, such as community forums, focus groups, and action research. It should become an indispensable resource to enlightened educational leaders everywhere.