Hardback - £75.00

Publication date:

30 June 2011

Length of book:

190 pages


Jason Aronson, Inc.

ISBN-13: 9780765707871

This book describes the real-life journeys of women psychotherapists: why each woman chose this profession and what she learned about others—and most importantly, about herself—in this choice. Most critically, these women now share how they have integrated this wisdom into their everyday lives. While psychotherapists may also be authors, few write books about their journeys in the profession. Women Psychotherapists: Journeys in Healing is one of those rare books. Each contributor invites her readers onto the road traveled by the woman who listens to others needing her help and guides them into living a more joyous, successful life, even as she moves towards greater fulfillment in her own life.
Kudos to Drs. Comas-Diaz and Weiner for having conceptualized this project and brought together 11 articulate, thoughtful psychotherapists. Their highly personalized stories of how they evolved into healers are both instructional and inspirational to women therapists at any age or level of experience. Women Psychotherapists:Journeys in Healing belongs in every woman therapist's library.