Publication date:

16 April 2009

Length of book:

324 pages


Lexington Books

ISBN-13: 9780739135211

This timely work addresses sensitive issues and relations between Muslims and Christians around the world. The book uniquely captures the opportunity for Christians and Muslims to come together and discuss pertinent issues such as pluralism, governance, preaching, Christian missionary efforts, and general misperceptions of Muslim and Christian communities. Joint authorship and discussion within the book is used to offer dialogue and responses between different contributors. This dialogue reveals that Christians and Muslims hold many things in common while having meaningful differences. It also shows the value of honestly sharing convictions while respecting and hearing the beliefs of another.
Abu-Nimer and Ausburger's Peace-building by, between, and beyond Muslims and Evangelical Christians shows us how through forgiveness and coexistence we can create a new humanity. Their dialogues surface hidden treasures of both communities. Their essays achieve a new form of knowing so that we see one another in humanizing contexts, allowing us to look together toward a common future. The co-editors and co-authors enable us to perceive harmony and complementarities amid great cultural diversity. People of varied backgrounds are turning to a new set of beliefs. While they may not share the same form, they do share the essential premise that the world and its people are one community. This sense of unity which includes diverse human societies is the central concept around which this book is organized. It is indispensible for those of us in peace studies and those who work toward a culture of peace.