Feminist Analyses of Applied Ethics

By (author) Jane Duran

Publication date:

06 May 2015

Length of book:

324 pages


Lexington Books

ISBN-13: 9780739191439

This book forwards a line of argument that indicates how feminist analyses can ameliorate the standard consequential (and occasionally deontological) lines in applied ethics. Drawing on core concepts in feminist philosophy, Feminist Analyses of Applied Ethics investigates five major issues: immigration, environmental preservation, intervention in medical areas, the peace movement, and matters of citizenship. Although most of these areas have received extensive analysis, there is no one work that covers all five areas from a feminist point of view. This book aims to remedy that defect. The work draws on key thinkers in feminist ethics, such as Card and Gilligan, and also ventures to other areas of feminist philosophy.
Feminist Analyses of Applied Ethics offers an original approach to applied ethics examining both traditional and less explored issues through a feminist lens. The work on immigration and peace is particularly exciting because of its relevance and global reach. While there are other texts on more traditional topics (abortion, for example), I am not aware of another text that makes a systematic analysis of the contributions that feminist thought can bring to applied ethics more broadly. Many of the topics discussed are underexplored in the extant literature.