Financing American Religion

Edited by Mark Chaves, Sharon L. Miller

Publication date:

03 November 1998

Length of book:

208 pages


AltaMira Press

ISBN-13: 9780761990369

Money always has been a subject of deep concern for religious leaders. In recent decades, however, this perennial concern has taken on a new urgency as a crisis situation is perceived. Financing American Religion brings together short, readable essays representing the best, most up-to-date research and thinking on the intersections of money and religion. Sociologists, historians, economists, and theologians ask who gives, how much, and why. They investigate how money moves and how it affects religious organizational behavior. And throughout they explore how attitudes toward money have altered over time. Religious leaders and scholars of American religion will welcome this much-needed volume.
Chaves and Miller provide a well-integrated, systematic, cohesive, and unified discussion of various aspects of religious financing. As such, this work will take its place as both a practical guide for religious leaders and laity, and as a brief but thorough introduction to research regarding finance and religion for scholars.