Communication Centers

A Theory-Based Guide to Training and Management

By (author) Kathleen J. Turner, Theodore F. Sheckels Contributions by Kyle Anne Barnett Love, Marlene M. Preston, Linda Bartlett Hobgood

Publication date:

12 January 2015

Length of book:

262 pages


Lexington Books

ISBN-13: 9780739190982

Communication Centers: A Theory-Based Guide to Training and Management offers advice based on extant research and best practices to both faculty who are asked to develop a communication center and for directors of established centers. Broken into easily understood parts, Turner and Sheckels begin with the development of communication centers, offering guidance on the history of centers, how to start a center, and, in a contribution by Kyle Love, creative approaches to marketing.

They provide a communication perspective on selecting and training tutors, and then address how to train the tutors in their tasks of helping students with invention, disposition, style, memory, and delivery as well as presentation aids, including consideration of special situations and diverse populations. The authors explore ways to broaden the vision for communication centers, and conclude with chapters on techniques for assessment by Marlene Preston and on the rich rhetorical roots of communication centers by Linda Hobgood. The volume concludes with appendixes on guidelines for directors and for certification of tutor training programs.

Communication Centers is a valuable resource for scholars in any stage of developing or improving a communication center at their university.
Finally a resource that addresses the questions people looking to start communication centers must ask! As communication scholars and center directors, Turner and Sheckels eloquently weave theory and practice with the voices of some of the most respected communication center directors in the nation. Anyone looking to learn more about communication centers will treasure this book because it covers history and praxis in ways that set communication centers up for a powerful future in higher education.