Publication date:

23 April 2002

Length of book:

336 pages


AltaMira Press

ISBN-13: 9780759102118

Economic development is an important focus of anthropological work in rural and urban communities around the world, and in this volume the contributors offer expert analyses on the theory and practice of development. Chapters cover the key topics of market systems, agricultural knowledge, modernization, population growth, participatory development, conservation strategies, culturally sustainable development, globalization and privatization, tourism, urban development, and financial markets. The cross-cultural focus of the volume provides original data on development processes in many countries, including the Philippines, Bali, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, Kazakstan, and the United States. The book will be a welcome source of comparative research for anthropologists, development specialists, agricultural researchers, environmentalists, and geographers. Published in cooperation with the Society for Economic Anthropology. Visit their web page.
This book is the state of the art in the practice of development anthropology. It demonstrates many important contributions by anthropologists to the development process. Theoretically sophisticated, full of rich case studies, this is an ideal text for a development anthropology course. It includes a remarkable range of critiques and case studies, covering the full terrain of contemporary development anthropology, and is by far the best coverage and quality of any current book on the topic.