The Chinese in Silicon Valley

Globalization, Social Networks, and Ethnic Identity

By (author) Bernard P. Wong

Publication date:

22 December 2005

Length of book:

288 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742539396

The Chinese in Silicon Valley examines the complex and ever-growing role of Chinese American scientists and engineers in Silicon Valley. Globalization brings workers from many different countries and cultures together, impacting more than just their work environments. The Chinese who settle in Silicon Valley must learn to prosper despite changes in cultural identity, family life, and often citizenship. They learn how to utilize new social networks and make sense of a shifting ethnic identity. The Chinese community in Silicon Valley is being developed with the advantages and constraints of many factors: the new global economy, technology, the Chinese immigrants' traditional culture, and the American host culture. Bernard Wong shows that the formation of Chinese American ethnic identity and community is a result of this globalization and transnationalism. This informative book presents important new knowledge on the connection between Chinese ethnicity and highly-skilled labor and entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley. Secondary statistical data combined with primary personal interview data makes this a detailed and interesting study of globalization, social networks, and ethnic identity.
A landmark study of the life and work of the Chinese in the high-tech community of America. Students and scholars from a variety of disciplines will benefit from Dr. Wong's keen observations and insightful analyses in this thoroughly researched ethnography. This case study offers a comprehensive treatment of important topics such as race relations, social mobility, migration, assimilation, globalization, and work and occupations.