Paperback - £45.00

Publication date:

09 December 2003

Length of book:

392 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742526839

Several of the most important and influential political economists of communication working today explore a rich mix of topics and issues that link work, policy studies, and research and theory about the public sphere to the heritage of political economy. Familiar but still exceedingly important topics in critical political economy studies are well represented here: market structures and media concentration, regulation and policy, technological impacts on particular media sectors, information poverty, and media access. The book also features new topics for political economy study, including racism in audience research, the value and need for feminist approaches to political economy studies, and the relationship between the discourse of media finance and the behavior of markets.
The authors are to be congratualted for the clarity of their writting . . . Likely to prompt deep reflection and to establish a conceptual framework by which the political economy of communication and culture can be addressed in unison and even more aptly in the future,Toward a Political Economy of Culture should be required reading not only in specialized courses on media, communication, and discourse, but also in more general courses on political economy.