The Perfect Tie

The True Story of the 2000 Presidential Election

By (author) James W. Ceaser, Andrew E. Busch

Publication date:

11 April 2001

Length of book:

296 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742508354

In The Perfect Tie: The True Story of the 2000 Presidential Election, James W. Ceaser and Andrew E. Busch continue their study of national elections and their broader implications for American politics and society. With groundbreaking research of electoral politics and penetrating discussions of divided government, independent candidates, party platforms, realignment theory, the electoral college, and campaign strategies, Ceaser and Busch attempt to make sense of the 2000 presidential election. By separating myth from fact in presidential contests and by emphasizing the significance of frequently overlooked issues, such as foreign policy, this book is essential reading for courses in American Government, Campaigns and Elections, and Presidential Politics, as well as for any American interested in the real and lasting importance of the 2000 elections.
The Lewis and Clark of American elections have returned with the first thoughtful account of the 2000 contest, and their reporting is eye-opening, indeed indispensable.