Quantitative Intelligence Analysis

Applied Analytic Models, Simulations, and Games

By (author) Edward Waltz

Publication date:

16 October 2014

Length of book:

308 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442235861

Quantitative Intelligence Analysis describes the model-based method of intelligence analysis that represents the analyst’s mental models of a subject, as well as the analyst’s reasoning process exposing what the analyst believes about the subject, and how they arrived at those beliefs and converged on analytic judgments. It includes:
  • Specific methods of explicitly representing the analyst’s mental models as computational models;
  • dynamic simulations and interactive analytic games;
  • the structure of an analyst’s mental model and the theoretical basis for capturing and representing the tacit knowledge of these models explicitly as computational models detailed description of the use of these models in rigorous, structured analysis of difficult targets;
  • model illustrations and simulation descriptions;
  • the role of models in support of collection and operations;
  • case studies that illustrate a wide range of intelligence problems;
  • And a recommended curriculum for technical analysts.
No one has worked harder, or with greater enthusiasm, to understand the practical and changing requirements of the working analyst in a fast-changing and dangerous world, or has been more productive in developing useful tools to address those requirements. As this book makes clear, Ed Waltz is a respected leader in a dynamic field to which he has made, and will continue to make, major contributions.