Role Plays and Creative Activities

Teaching Social Skills and Self-Understanding

By (author) Christopher Glenn

Publication date:

17 July 2014

Length of book:

188 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475812718

Role Plays and Creative Activities: Teaching Social Skills and Self-Understanding presents over 150 role plays, micro role plays (role plays that run for a few minutes), creative activities, and guided imagery (stories with psychological content to be read to the children) which Dr. Christopher Glenn has developed and used for over thirty years.

Everyday people, like parents and people who want to run activity groups for children, can use these activities to have fun with children in the 8 – 11 age range. Professionals, teachers, counselors, and students-in-training can take advantage of the psychological and social nature of the activities to foster the social and emotional growth of elementary aged children. Focusing on self-understanding, self-control, and the development of social skills, a constructive group experience can effectively teach children positive outcomes.

This text includes detailed notes on how to set up and run the role play group, so anyone with basic skills in working with groups of children can encourage emotional and social growth.

Role play is my child's favorite activity of the week. I love how it builds her confidence without her even realizing it, but it also has helped her work out problems at home and with friends. What she's learning about group work now she will carry with her into college and in any career she chooses.