The Legal World of the School Principal

What Leaders Need to Know about School Law

By (author) M. Scott Norton

Publication date:

09 May 2016

Length of book:

188 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475823479

The focus of The Legal World of the School Principal is to emphasize the legal responsibilities of the school principal. This book will help principals be knowledgeable of the court cases and federal and state laws that affect their daily work. Research studies have revealed that a large majority of school principals spends over twenty percent of their time on matters that involve legal contentions. In addition, principals report they were not well prepared to meet the legal challenges facing them in their leadership roles. Landmark court cases relating to education are discussed as well as the federal and state court systems commonly found in the United States.
Be assured that the reader will learn a great deal about school law as it applies to school leaders at all administrative levels. The introductory chapter on how laws and policies are developed and implemented at the federal, state and local levels provides a foundation for understanding the rights and liabilities of school principals, faculty and staff personnel, and students. The landmark court cases that historically have influenced the work of school leaders provide insight into how the rights of all citizens are protected in a democracy. Although the book title speaks of the legal world of the school principal, other administrative leaders, teachers, staff personnel, students and parents will find the book of special interest and personal benefit.