Science without Boundaries

Interdisciplinarity in Research, Society and Politics

By (author) Willy Ostreng

Paperback - £44.00

Publication date:

21 December 2009

Length of book:

330 pages



ISBN-13: 9780761848301

Science without Boundaries discusses the many issues involved in going beyond disciplinary research practices in science, politics and society, and addresses the complexities of their interface.

Governments and politicians are increasingly calling upon the scientific community to deal with global challenges such as climate change, poverty, international governance, peace-making et cetera. These are calls for interdisciplinary research - calls to deal with the interaction of parts in complex systems. The book addresses questions like these:
-Does interdisciplinary research fit into the overall disciplinary organization of the sciences?
-Does interdisciplinary research meet the high scientific standards of the research community?
-How does the science community adopt to changing circumstances?
-How responsive is the science community to social and political needs?
-To what extent do governments intervene to influence science?
-What pattern of interaction exists between politics, society and research?

Polar research is used to show how politics may intermingle with science to safeguard national interests in times of dramatic international change.
This is a broadly-focused and ambitious book by someone solidly grounded in the theory and practice of interdisciplinary research.