Powerless to Powerful

Leadership for School Change

By (author) Charles Salina, Suzann Girtz, Joanie Eppinga

Publication date:

08 December 2015

Length of book:

104 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475822342

The pressure is on. Throughout the country, educators and administrators are working hard to make sure students pass standardized tests and graduate. At the same time, teachers are overwhelmed by ever-increasing demands. Efforts at reforming schools often replicate the same approaches and net the same discouraging results. Staff at many schools feel defensive and powerless as a result of being unable to meet standards they didn’t set and don’t know how to achieve.
This book describes a humanistic approach to implementing programs and systems that bring academic press, social support, and relational trust together in unique ways. Based on the understanding that old beliefs are changed by supporting new behaviors, the approach includes acquiring and using data in innovative and intentional ways. Properly conducted, the approach results in high morale, a sense of inclusiveness and success, increased efficacy, and improved metrics in all areas of education. The book includes the research and theory behind the approach, action steps for leaders, and lessons learned in the process—useful elements of success for any school.
It is so refreshing to read a book about school reform from the point of view of the people who actually did the work. This book is proof that with dedicated, tenacious, and student-centered educators—anything can happen!