In Pursuit of Gender

Worldwide Archaeological Approaches

Edited by Sarah Milledge Nelson, Myriam Rosen-Ayalon

Paperback - £44.00

Publication date:

22 December 2001

Length of book:

448 pages


AltaMira Press

ISBN-13: 9780759100862

Written by a distinguished group of feminist archaeologists, In Pursuit of Gender examines the role of gender in archaeology, an area that has long been neglected. The chapters in this volume represent sites and cultures that have been interpreted or reinterpreted from the perspective of gender, exploding old assumptions about women and the roles they held. Greatly illuminating the subject of gender from the perspective of their own regional traditions, the authors take the reader through an authoritative and comprehensive discussion of gender archaeology in Asia, Africa, North and South America. Societies represented include hunter-gatherers, early horticulturalists, incipient and well-developed states, historic communities, as well as ethnoarchaeological explorations. The chapters are characterised by a greater specificity in methods, and the emergence of a social archaeology that considers the agency of both men and women. In Pursuit of Gender advances the study of gender in archaeology with detailed data, a world-wide scope and carefully reasoned conclusions that move into new territory, paving the way towards further research in gender-based theory.
In Pursuit of Gender attempts to recreate the dialogue between theory and methodology and shows how differing theoretical perspectives and methodologies can be utilized in the search for gender in the archaeological past.... the text offered me new ways to consider the study of gender and archaeology. The articles in this volume help show how women may differ within a single culture by age, class, marital status, presence or absence of children, and the kinds of work they do. With its emphasis on worldwide perspectives and gendered interpretations, this text would be great for introductory courses as well as graduate courses in archaeological theory, methodology and, of course, gender.