Shop 'til You Drop

Consumer Behavior and American Culture

By (author) Arthur Asa Berger

Publication date:

02 December 2004

Length of book:

152 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742536906

Are Americans obsessed with shopping? Shop 'til You Drop is a lively look at our consumer culture and its role in our everyday lives and society. Is the United States different from other first-world nations in the amount of time we spend shopping or in our attitudes toward consumption? Are we one unified consumer culture or are several cultures operating and battling against one another? Arthur Asa Berger uncovers the answers to these and other questions, considering the sacred roots of consumer culture, the demographics of consumption, theories about competing cultures, and the semiotics of shopping. Accessibly written and entertaining, Shop 'til You Drop is ideal for courses in cultural studies, advertising, and American studies, as well as for anyone curious about our nation's drive to consume.
This lively, well-formatted book moves quickly, explaining theories succinctly and profiling consumers' personalities, behaviors, and preferred shopping environments. In examining the cultural aspects of shopping, Berger's unique work looks at the changing demographics and psychographics of today's consumers, comparing the role of modern department stores to that of medieval cathedrals. Highly recommended.