The Evolution of Teaching

A Guidebook to the Advancement of Teaching, Teacher Education, and Happier Careers for Early Career Teachers

By (author) Rich Waters

Publication date:

08 October 2014

Length of book:

210 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475813791

The Evolution of Teaching invites teachers to rethink what teachers and schools do. The need to rethink the role of teachers is driven by an abundance of data showing that teachers are increasingly unhappy with their work. Most critically, they feel a loss of control over their work and their profession as they witness teacher voices being marginalized by impersonal authorities outside of schools who dictate more and more of what teachers and schools must do.

The antidote to this condition is the evolution of teaching. Teachers need to take charge and lead change. They need to redefine teaching and schooling in such a way that it authentically supports student learning and teacher learning. They must redefine it in a way that supports every teacher’s desire to have a personal impact on students while having control over their own work, stakeholder standing as respected professionals, and a full career of professional growth.

A Guidebook to the Advancement of Teaching, Teacher Education, and Happier Careers, this text will assist teachers in reconceiving the profession of teaching in ways that will make it more personally satisfying while acknowledging that the work of teachers in the twenty-first century must necessarily be different from what we have now, legacy practices of standardization left over from the industrial age.
Dr. Waters' unique approach to 21st Century learning challenges and inspires early career teachers and all educators to reflect on the past and to consider using many new learning models that stand to do a better job meeting the diverse needs of 21st century learners.