Equity Issues for Today's Educational Leaders

Meeting the Challenge of Creating Equitable Schools for All

Contributions by Betty J. Alford, Julia Ballenger, Ed. D Bouillion, raig Craig Coleman, Patrick M. Jenlink, Sharon Ninness, Lee Stewart, Sandra Stewart, Diane Trautman

Publication date:

15 September 2009

Length of book:

190 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781607091394

At a time when America's schools face many of the most difficult challenges ever, the authors of Equity Issues for Today's Educational Leaders return the reader to an agenda for addressing equity in schools, emphasizing the need to reexamine past reform efforts and the work ahead for educational leaders in reshaping schools and schooling—in concert, attending to the social responsibility of furthering the ideals of a democratic society.
The underlying purpose of the Equity Issues for Today's Educational Leaders is to illuminate and critique, as well as draw to the foreground, both historical and contemporary factors that have contributed to issues of equity in schools. Importantly, the contributors provide a survey of the issues as well as content and pedagogical tools for students and practitioners of leadership to study and understand their work in dealing with equity issues against a backdrop of a changing America and the demands placed on contemporary schools.
A profoundly important book that focuses on equity issues prevalent in our schools today. In this era of standards-based accountability, this collection of essays provides a greatly needed critical review of the challenges educators face in creating equitable schools for all students. As a university professor involved in leadership preparation, I am grateful for this collection and look forward to incorporating this work into my classroom teaching.