Hardback - £109.00

Publication date:

21 August 2001

Length of book:

272 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742516649

Political developments in the post-Cold War era, the intensification of globalization, and the rapid spread of technology are forcing a reevaluation of the meaning of security. Traditional security is no longer the singular concern of the world powers, and new forms of security have become relevant to a growing number of countries. The Many Faces of Asian Security provides a comprehensive assessment of these developments in the Asia-Pacific region. The book begins with an examination of traditional security concerns—military capabilities, balance of power, territorial and resource disputes, the effects of new technologies on military strategy, and the problems involved in maintaining sovereignty in the face of globalization. It then introduces the new security issues that have become important in Asia since the end of the Cold War—economic and financial stability in the wake of the financial crisis, the spillover effects of environmental degradation, human rights and political stability, and the impact of transnational crime. Eleven leading specialists on Asia evaluate the types of, and approaches to, Asian security that have been emerging over the past decade. Their wide-ranging and incisive discussions will be of interest to policymakers, scholars, and students alike.
A set of engaging essays on the comprehensive nature of security in Asia. Written by seasoned observers of the Asian scene, the book draws attention to the changing nature of traditional security as well as the growing salience of the nonconventional dimensions of Asian security. It should be of interest both to the specialist and the general reader with an interest in Asia.