Paperback - £72.00

Publication date:

08 February 2016

Length of book:

568 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442236837

Inside Out and Outside In has established itself as a foundational book for mental health practitioners in a variety of disciplines who work with clients in complex social environments. It is unique in its focus on the forces that shape people from within and also from their social worlds, with sensitivity to race, gender, sexuality, and class.

The fourth edition features new material and revisions throughout while maintaining the respectful and accessible style for which the book is known. A new chapter on
DSM-5 explains its history, social construction, and the most significant changes, such as the configurations of personality disorders and schizophrenia. A new chapter on Cognitive Behavioral Theory and Practice explains the rise in CBT practice, strengths and weaknesses in the approach, and how practitioners can weave it with other theories successfully. In addition to the new chapters, this edition contains new content on gay, lesbian, and transgender people; new case studies representing differences in age, class, culture, race, sexual orientation, and gender; examples on treating clients individually and in groups; new material on infant development; new research on neurobiology and mindfulness, such as mindfulness and survivor guilt; and more.

The fourth edition of
Inside Out and Outside In is an up-to-date and essential resource for mental health professionals and students practicing in today’s increasingly complex environment.
Inside Out and Outside In is a rare and stellar example of how to make an outstanding textbook even better. This exceptional classic work has been updated for the DSM-5, is inclusive of a wide range of diagnostic categories, provides rich examples representing all aspects of diversity, and showcases the application of contemporary psychodynamic theories at their finest.