Sexual Decisions

The Ultimate Teen Guide

By (author) L. Kris Gowen

Hardback - £38.00

Publication date:

06 March 2017

Length of book:

244 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442277830

When it comes to sex and relationships, it is often difficult to find reliable information. Yet everyone has questions and needs information on these important topics. Young people should have access to facts in order to make their own decisions about their sexuality and sexual health.

In this significantly revised edition of
Sexual Decisions: The Ultimate Teen Guide, L. Kris Gowen discusses the choices teens can make regarding sexual activity—from practicing safe sex to abstaining—and how to decide what is right for each individual. Many factors are at work in the decision-making process, but this book helps readers make a decision based on both logic and practicality. Updated topics covered in this book include

  • an overview of human anatomy
  • abstinence vs. safe sex
  • STDs
  • contraceptives
  • communicating with one’s partner
  • intimate partner violence
  • sexual orientation and gender identity
  • social media and sex

For teens seeking answers for themselves, this book is a vital resource that includes an additional section for further research. Written without judgment,
Sexual Decisions empowers teens to take charge of their bodies, their identities, and their lives.
This book covers such important topics as body basics, gender identity, sexual orientation, sexually transmitted diseases, and contraception. The book incorporates recent information, imperative teen viewpoints, and visuals; it also uses special boxes to highlight important points. Reading lists, websites, and a substantial index system enhance content navigation. Moreover, the writing style helps engage a hard-to-reach audience. The expert information assists parents, guardians, and librarians in their understanding of a variety of teen and lifestyle problems. Decisions: The Ultimate Teen Guide may help teens consider postponing activities and emotional behaviors that have life-altering consequences. The succinct information alerts teens regarding consequences of sexual activities in the midst of emotional decisions and the normal flow of intense new feelings. This book may serve as an incentive for teens to pause and think. Recommended for high school and academic libraries.