Surviving Sexual Violence

A Guide to Recovery and Empowerment

Edited by Thema Bryant-Davis

Publication date:

16 October 2011

Length of book:

384 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442206397

Victims of sexual assault experience their trauma in different ways, and often one path to recovery and healing is right for one person, but not right for another. While there are some general mental health effects of sexual violence, this book outlines and describes the impact of particular types of sexual violation. Whether the survivor has experienced childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault during adulthood, marital rape, sexual harassment, sex trafficking, or sexual violence within the military, they will find aspects of her experience in these pages. Once survivors understand the ways in which they have been affected, they are introduced to various pathways to surviving sexual violence and moving forward. The chapters provide case examples and specific activities which give a fuller description of the ways survivors can make use of the particular approaches, which include mind-body practices, counseling, group therapies, self-defense training, and others. Anyone who has been a victim of sexual violence, or knows and cares about someone who has, will find relief in these pages, which offer practical approaches to finding balance and healing.
The premise of Bryant-Davis’s (psychology, Pepperdine Univ.) book is that while survivors of sexual violence often develop mental health issues, they can still grow and live full lives. A victim of sexual assault, Bryant-Davis empathetically explains the range of different sexual violations, from harassment in the workplace and marital rape to sexual violence in the military and childhood sexual abuse. She draws from experts in the field to shed light on various modes of recovery including mind-body practices, psychoeducation, spirituality/religion, and journaling. Bryant offers comprehensive treatment options for practitioners and readers familiar with the field.