Learning Unleashed

Re-Imagining and Re-Purposing Our Schools

By (author) Evonne E. Rogers

Publication date:

30 August 2016

Length of book:

152 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475829198

Children enter the world curiously hard-wired for creativity and imagination. After a few short years of school, something drastically changes for them. Why? There is an unmistakable and deliberate attempt to control the learning of young people who find themselves sitting in our schools. The industrial model of schooling has taken its toll and victims without remorse. It programs curious young minds to become helpless, dependent, and compliant. It is manipulation and malpractice, but few seem to notice or care.

After years of observing and participating in some of these questionable practices herself, Evonne decided it was time to tell the truth about schools. With a credible and strong voice, Evonne tackles the “sacred school rituals” that are rarely questioned and widely accepted as normal. She transparently leads the reader through firmly-held and often faulty assumptions about schooling practices. She offers common sense solutions that challenge us to re-imagine how we do school in this country. With strong conviction, passion, and a call to action, she encourages us to hear and listen to the voices of our children who are crying out for the freedom to learn.
Evonne Espey Rogers has penned a thoughtful, very personal, and highly readable book that provides a broad critique of American schooling and an energetic call for change. She calls out the bureaucracy and stale hierarchies that stifle learning today and advocates a new paradigm that emphasizes choices, options, individualization, and grassroots participation. Rogers has delivered a timely and provocative volume.