Envy Theory

Perspectives on the Psychology of Envy

By (author) D. John D. Ninivaggi

Hardback - £89.00

Publication date:

16 September 2010

Length of book:

398 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442205741

Envy arouses questions about fairness and unequal distribution of resources. Scavenging for hidden treasures and exploiting the acquisition of what is perceived to be free also imply underlying envy and greed. Envy, in isolation, can be destructive to psychological processes. Endowments of envy, however, are not as bleak and unsparing as they at first may appear. Envy, recognized and intelligently managed, transforms and may spur admiration, emulation, aspiration, empathy, and developmental advantages. Here, Ninivaggi offers a theory of envy and explores various ideas and concepts related to it. He proposes research paradigms for testability, advances principles and guidelines for pragmatic applications in psychotherapies and psychoeducation, and considers new paths for further discovery.
Dr. Ninivaggi's Envy Theory is a thought-provoking work which is well worth the effort of reading. Building on the ideas of Melanie Klein and on psychodynamic, cognitive and even neurobiological principles, the book synthesizes a wide range of information into a novel theory of envy. Envy is elevated to the level of a major impulse, akin to love and hate, with major potential implications for normal maturation, treatment-resistant mental illness, and the theoretical underpinnings of mental life. It is a fascinating addition to the literature.