The Psychology Industry Under a Microscope!

By (author) David B. Stein

Publication date:

06 September 2012

Length of book:

198 pages



ISBN-13: 9780761859567

The Psychology Industry Under a Microscope! explores why psychology treatment efficacy rates are so poor, why psychological testing is unreliable, and why diagnosis is uncertain. He also explores the weaknesses inherent in 115 APA accredited doctoral programs and what changes may help improve the effectiveness of the psychology clinician. He introduces a cognitive/behavioral diagnostic system that is far more cohesive and sensible than the piecemeal and confusing system currently in place. This book introduces an easy to understand and innovative visual model that integrates all of clinical psychology and far surpasses any previous attempts at developing models. The author also challenges the recent resurgence of the disease model for diagnosis as well as the politics and economics that lie behind its current popularity. The reader may feel challenged by this book but will find it difficult to refute its content. This thought-provoking book is essential for any clinician or teacher.
I was not the same after reading this book. It convinced me of the need for change and reform in my profession as a clinical psychologist. This book will dispel much of the diet of myths mental health professionals are fed in their training. Dr. Stein not only offers new concepts and ideas, but an entirely new Zeitgeist that I believe can lead psychology in a far more fruitful direction.