Lion in the Lobby

Clarence Mitchell, Jr.'s Struggle for the Passage of Civil Rights Laws

By (author) Denton L. Watson

Paperback - £78.00

Publication date:

16 October 2014

Length of book:

918 pages



ISBN-13: 9780761864509

Clarence Mitchell, Jr. is unique in the pantheon of civil rights history. Born in Baltimore on March 18, 1911, he led the struggle in Washington for passage of the civil rights laws and promulgation of constructive national policies to protect the constitutional rights of African Americans and all other citizens suffering discrimination because of race, national origin, religion, sex, age, or sexual orientation. Lion in the Lobby chronicles Mitchell's life story and mission of getting the Congress to join the courts and the Executive Branch in upholding the Constitution in order to fulfill the NAACP's egalitarian philosophy. He worked with seven presidents, from Harry Truman to Jimmy Carter, to build a legacy of advocacy that won him the popular moniker of 101st senator and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1978. This revised edition is strengthened by a detailed account of the bitter battle within the NAACP over Mitchell's retirement. It also offers a fuller picture of Mitchell's differences with the philosophy of nonviolence.
In Lion in the Lobby, Denton L. Watson has provided a well-researched, highly detailed account of Mitchell's fight to advance and protect civil rights for African Americans…it [is] a fundamental starting point for any student pursuing the study of his work, and it makes an important contribution to the overall history of the civil rights movement.