Paperback - £36.00

Publication date:

21 February 2001

Length of book:

336 pages


AltaMira Press

ISBN-13: 9780742502758

Modern American Indian life is urban, rural, and everything in-between. Lobo and Peters have compiled an unprecedented collection of innovative scholarship, stunning art, poetry, and prose that documents American Indian experiences of urban life. A pervasive rural/urban dichotomy still shapes the popular and scholarly perceptions of Native Americans, but this is a false expression of a complex and constantly changing reality. When viewed from the Native perspectives, our concepts of urbanity and approaches to American Indian studies are necessarily transformed. Courses in Native American studies, ethnic studies, anthropology, and urban studies must be in step with contemporary Indian realities, and American Indians and the Urban Experience will be an absolutely essential text for instructors. This powerful combination of path-breaking scholarship and visual and literary arts—from poetry and photography to rap and graffiti—will be enjoyed by students, scholars, and a general audience. A Choice Outstanding Academic Book.
Topics and approaches are almost as diverse as the one-half to two-thirds of American Indians who live in cities, not on reservations. The multiplicity of disciplinary angles helps accentuate the many facets of urban Indian experience....A richly suggestive gateway to an all-too-neglected aspect of Native American history and ongoing life.