E-Learning in Libraries

Best Practices

Edited by Charles Harmon, Michael Messina

Paperback - £50.00

Publication date:

11 February 2013

Length of book:

134 pages


Scarecrow Press

ISBN-13: 9780810887503

If libraries are to remain centers for lifelong learning, then that learning must increasingly be e-learning. But, where can librarians turn for the best ideas and inspiration on how to implement e-learning programs? This book features nine exemplary programs set in all types of libraries. You’ll find proven, successful ways of introducing online credit-based information literacy instruction, innovative methods for teaching critical thinking skills online, ways of using open source software in interactive learning, step-by-step guidance for instructional screencasting, ways to work with faculty on e-learning solutions through streaming video, and how a school library used e-learning to teach about the Holocaust.

These stellar models offer solutions and feature the aspects you and your staff need because they recognize the problems you face. There’s plenty here for all libraries to grab on to and implement to move learning from inside the library to where your users live and work.
The nine case-study accounts that constitute this collection provide much food for thought for librarians in all types of libraries. Lura Sanborn’s advice on applying lessons she learned from watching YouTube beauty tutorials to creating her own library instruction videos is just one example of the hands-on approach of the contributors. Topics covered include online credit-based instruction for undergraduates, digital reference, information-literacy e-learning collaboration, open-source software that supports online interactive learning, screencasting for instruction and reference, and more. An index and brief information about the editors and contributors are included. Definitely worth the time to read and reap some ideas for developing e-instruction for library patrons.