Publication date:

20 August 1998

Length of book:

368 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780847690817

The past several decades have witnessed a growing recognition that environmental concerns are essentially property rights issues. Despite agreement that an absence of well-defined and consistently enforced property rights results in the exploitation of air, water, and other natural resources, there is still widespread disagreement about many aspects of America's property rights paradigm. The prominent contributors to Who Owns the Environment? explore numerous theoretical and empirical possibilities for remedying these problems. An important book for environmental economists and those interested in environmental policy.
Who Owns the Environment throws down a challenge to society: if we really want to protect the natural world, we need to be ready to pay for it. . . . accessible to scholars from many backgrounds, including the humanities. Anyone with an interest in property rights and environmental issues would benefit from reading this book.