Understanding Special Education

An Examination of the Responsibilities through Case Studies

By (author) Roberta Gentry, Norah S. Hooper

Publication date:

20 June 2016

Length of book:

128 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475822175

In increasing numbers, general education teachers are faced with the task of educating students with disabilities in their classrooms, and many beginning teachers are not prepared for the diverse classroom that awaits them. The cases in this book are written from the viewpoint of general education teachers, with the goal of providing them with the information and tools to improve their ability to approach this task with confidence. As participants process the cases in this book, they will learn to collect and evaluate data, identify important concepts, apply legal requirements, develop hypotheses, and create or defend arguments. Through introductory materials included in each chapter, the major provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) are outlined in easy and understandable terms and illuminated through the cases presented. Discussion questions, links to websites, and suggested activities are included in each chapter.
As a former classroom teacher and teacher educator, I am pleased to endorse Dr. Hooper and Dr. Gentry's book, Understanding Special Education: An Examination of the Responsibilities through Case Studies. This text offers a clear understanding of the issues surrounding children with special needs. Through an inclusive format, Dr. Hooper and Dr. Gentry provide a framework that reflects the classroom inclusive model. They guide readers in putting theory into practice in areas such as behavior, IEPs, instruction, and working with parents, to name a few. This text is an excellent resource and learning tool for both student and practitioner, and I highly recommend it for both.