Perspectives on Knowledge Management

Edited by I V. Malhan, Shivarama Rao K

Paperback - £87.00

Publication date:

02 May 2008

Length of book:

476 pages


Scarecrow Press

ISBN-13: 9780810861046

In an effort to integrate the thought processes of prominent scholars in the field of Knowledge Management (KM), editors I V Malhan and Shivarama Rao K have selected contributions from these scholars and encapsulated them in a single volume. Compiled primarily to make information professionals and knowledge workers aware of the growing diversity and importance of KM, the comprehensive coverage provided in Perspectives on Knowledge Management will contribute to better understanding of the evolving and significant field of KM.

Consisting of five sections divided into 28 chapters, each essay was selected based on careful review of its suitability to the theme, as well as the experience and contributions to the field of KM by its author. Chapters cover a wide range of areas, such as changing management through KM, bringing green revolution with knowledge revolution, KM for good governance in developing countries, KM to improve business performance, and KM in corporate organizations. Library and information science professionals, as well as business professionals, information and communications technology professionals, agriculture extension departments, and others interested in management of information and knowledge resources will find this work extremely useful.
Perspectives on Knowledge a lucid entry point into a fast-changing and often confusing discourse, one that straddles information science and organizational studies. In this well-edited volume, corporate information officers, professors of information science, librarians, and directors of science and technology programs at various institutes are gathered to explain how studies in knowledge management can address the problems that plague institutions in our information-rich global environment....The wide range of specific cases is welcome. It allows the volume to do a good job of reining in the expansive field of KM....The authors of these studies provide both students in information studies programs and those entering business and management professions with a comprehensive overview that manages to do the difficult job of contextualizing the ephemeral and allusive nature of knowledge in concrete terms.