Teachers As Owners

A Key to Revitalizing Public Education

Edited by Edward J. Dirkswager

Paperback - £39.00

Publication date:

28 May 2002

Length of book:

160 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9780810843721

"What if teachers were owners, not employees?" Teacher-ownership is a revolutionary way to put excitement and meaning back into the teaching profession and to revitalize public education. This book demonstrates how being an owner rather than an employee can give teachers control of their professional activity, including full responsibility and accountability for creating and sustaining high performing learning communities. It presents examples of teacher-ownership in practice and provides practical models for those who would like to experience the professional satisfaction found in ownership. Like doctors, lawyers, and other professionals, teachers have the same opportunity to work for themselves through ownership of professional partnerships. In a professional partnership, the teachers are the leaders and decision-makers. They control their own work and their own relationships to students, including determining curriculum, setting the budget, choosing the level of technology available to students, determining their own salaries, selecting their colleagues, monitoring performance and hiring administrators to work for them, not vice versa.
While [others] diagnose the disease, Edward J. Dirkswager's Teachers as Owners provides a cure. Teachers as Owners offers much needed hope for reforming schools in ways that will empower teachers, and ultimately lead to innovations as yet undreamt of.