Music, Dance, Affect, and Emotions in Latin America

Contributions by Adriana Cerletti, Silvia Citro, Carlos Molinero, Ana Sabrina Mora, Adil Podhajcer, Malvina L. Silba, Carolina Spataro, Juliana Verdenelli, Pablo Vila Edited by Pablo Vila

Publication date:

14 February 2017

Length of book:

296 pages


Lexington Books

ISBN-13: 9781498536929

Music, Dance, Affect, and Emotions in Latin America is a collection of essays that analyze different manifestations of Argentine music and dance taking advantage of the exciting new theoretical developments advanced by the current affective turn. Contributors deal with the relationship between music, dance, affects, feelings, and emotions in different scenarios and show how the embodiment of music shape the experiential in ways that may impact upon but nevertheless many times evade conscious knowing. This book is one of the first academic attempts (regardless of region or country of scope) to try to solve some of the most important problems the affective turn has identified regarding how music and dance have been researched so far, such as the tendency, in representational accounts of music, to ignore the sensory and sonic registers to the detriment of the embodied and lived registers of experience and feeling that unfold in the process of making or listening to music.
This book's extended theoretical exploration illuminates the complex ways that music acts on bodies to evoke feelings and identities, while the case studies exemplify these processes across a variety of Latin American genres. This is a pioneering contribution to the study of affect in music.