Inside the Team

Questions and Answers Facing Teacher Leaders

By (author) Janet Burgess, Donna Bates

Publication date:

09 July 2014

Length of book:

124 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475810202

Inside the Team: Questions and Answers Facing Teacher Leaders is a book for K-12 teachers and leaders who face dilemmas leading teams of peers. With little formal training, few venues for professional conversation, and more responsibilities to lead groups of peers, teacher leaders are seeking answers and direction that will help them build strong professional teams to support student learning. Inside the Team acknowledges a number of changes that are having a profound impact on schools today. Technology, copious information accessible via the Internet, a focus on standards and test scores, fewer teachers with more students, and the never ending cycle of change all impact teaching and learning. Teacher leaders and teams have been asked to step up and shoulder more of the responsibilities to make schools work. However, good intentions aren’t enough. Using Q/A scenarios and building context for leadership in practice, the authors provide answers, useful, practical tools, resources, models and conversation starters that move teams forward.
In this timely book, Burgess and Bates address the complex and often unspoken dilemmas that teacher leaders face in this intense culture of accountability and standardization. With a realistic understanding of the challenges, a strengths-based view of teachers, and a steadfast focus on student learning, the authors offer practical suggestions and concrete tools that will empower leaders to develop a collaborative path forward within their unique context. Grounded in authentic teaching and transformative learning, this book is a wonderful resource for team leaders, instructional coaches, principals, professors, and other teacher leaders.