Herbert Hoover and World Peace

By (author) Lee Nash

Paperback - £33.00

Publication date:

09 June 2010

Length of book:

180 pages



ISBN-13: 9780761851974

Herbert Hoover and World Peace summarizes Hoover's career-long efforts to preserve peace in the world and to help America avoid unnecessary wars, from his opposition to our entry into World War I to his proposed — and rejected — Cold War strategy, which would have avoided the Vietnam War. Personal experiences in the Boxer Rebellion in China and helping to feed Belgium during World War I, coupled with his early Quaker nurture, that sensitized him to war-related tragedies. These essays illustrate the varied ways in which Hoover expressed and implemented his commitment to world peace, as humanitarian, advisor, cabinet member, president, citizen, and writer. No other president was so consistent and thoughtful on matters of world peace.
…This collection of essays elaborates on seven aspects of [Hoover's] foreign policy, from support for the League of Nations and the World Court after World War I to his far-sighted suggestions ending the Second World War and avoiding the excesses of the Cold War. It can only be hoped that such views about not becoming the world's policeman and the futility of trying to make 'the world safe for democracy' will be given more deserved attention at the end of the twenty-first century than they have been since the 1940s.