What They Never Told Me in Principal's School

The Value of Experience Cannot Be Overestimated

By (author) Michael Connolly

Publication date:

16 November 2009

Length of book:

110 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781607093077

A leader's position can be a lonely one even in the best of times. A school leader faces many challenges —some of them daunting. Principals and other school leaders benefit from good mentors, but now that many established principals are reaching retirement age a good mentor may be hard to find. What They Never Told Me in Principals School attempts to fill the gap left by an absence of mentors. Drawing upon his many personal experiences as a principal in urban, suburban and rural schools in the USA as well as his work in a variety of international schools, Mike Connolly shares with leaders what they need to know in order to develop, be successful and feel fulfilled in the important work of educating the students of the next generations.
I found it difficult to put down and was disappointed when it ended.