Sustaining the Writing Spirit

Holistic Tools for School and Home

By (author) Susan A. Schiller

Publication date:

04 March 2014

Length of book:

158 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781610489560

Sustaining the Writing Spirit: Holistic Tools for School and Home, second edition is aimed at all educators, at school or home, seeking non-traditional ways to enliven the growth potential of the whole learner. Schiller urges educators to accept a holistic orientation for learning -- one that combines the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual, with the intellect, rather than primarily basing learning on the intellect. Included are details on background, historical development, and philosophical explanations of holistic education, including a timeline of key people and ideas. This new edition also addresses sustainability and spirituality as the core of holistic learning, and the teaching activities provide context and processes for writing that encourage activating multiple intelligences. It also has a cross-disciplinary quality and could be used in a number of educational settings.
Susan A. Schiller’s approach to learning connects holistic forms of teaching with the practices of the contemporary classroom to help students access and utilize their own intuitive ways of knowing. In contrast to imposed methods of education, where teaching functions as a delivery system of information to be absorbed and reproduced uniformly by students, the exercises Dr. Schiller offers here will not only enhance students’ confidence in their innate powers of observation, imagination, and creativity, but will also allow students to bring their own authentic perspective and voice to their writing.