Rationality within Modern Psychological Theory

Integrating Philosophy and Empirical Science

By (author) James A. Harold

Hardback - £71.00

Publication date:

15 June 2016

Length of book:

206 pages


Lexington Books

ISBN-13: 9781498519700

Rationality within Modern Psychological Theory examines the rational and irrational dimensions of human nature and of the psyche and logos. Harold combines the traditionally divided views of classical philosophy’s affirmation of the existence of intellect and modern psychology’s emphasis on immanent psychological factors over rational, transcendent relations. By accepting the power of being in an adequate relation to reality, while still admitting the manifold ways that people evade truth and reality, psychologists will be able to emphasize the power of an individual to establish a truthful relation with reality. This book is recommended for scholars of psychology and philosophy.
How we need interdisciplinary studies in our era where specialization easily leads to narrow-mindedness! Particularly, this can be so when many philosophers lack a knowledge of sound psychology and many psychologists lack a knowledge of sound philosophy. James Harold’s book, Rationality within Modern Psychological Theory: Integrating Philosophy and Empirical Science, is a masterful synthesis to overcome this syndrome. Academic enough to appeal to other professors, it is written in a style sufficiently popular to make it an ideal textbook for university students as well as for all other intelligent readers.