Peer Assessment that Works

A Guide for Teachers

By (author) Betty McDonald

Paperback - £41.00

Publication date:

25 November 2015

Length of book:

72 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475820911

In the real world a lot of activities require people to work in groups. Consciously or unconsciously each member assesses other members using their own predetermined criteria. Recognizing the significance of such assessment this book presents tried and tested ways of peer assessment that provide students with pleasant memorable experiences. Everyday challenges are addressed and possible solutions are offered. Drawing from over 40 years of academic experience in several different countries of the world, the author uses the many lessons learned to substantiate recommendations. Simple, straightforward yet groundbreaking techniques are employed to enhance peer assessment and improve its validity and reliability. Students learn to be more self-aware, productive, autonomous, collaborative and communicative. The strategies discussed in this book help both educators and students to manage and maintain trust. Shareware graphics used for mental stimulation and pictorial illustrations are intended to simplify explanations. This is the “go-to‟ book when you need help with peer assessment.
Dr. McDonald’s book, Peer Assessment that Works: A Guide for Teachers, is exactly what the title says. First, the reader is provided with a firm foundation to understand the peer assessment process…from a vast collection of resources. Not only are various quotes and studies cited, they are woven into the narrative that gives the reader insight into the process. Next comes the “nuts and bolts” of utilizing the peer assessment process. And, here, Dr. McDonald gives the reader a plethora of information, examples, and tools (such as rubrics) to enable success in implementing peer assessment in the classroom. This book on peer assessment is a valuable resource for teachers.