Making Sexual Decisions

The Ultimate Teen Guide

By (author) L. Kris Gowen

Hardback - £39.95

Publication date:

07 May 2003

Length of book:

248 pages


Scarecrow Press

ISBN-13: 9780810846470

For teens too shy to talk to mom and dad about sex, author L. Kris Gowen offers them sound advice on a highly personal level, filling in some of the blanks in their knowledge about sex and relationships. Specifically designed to help young adults aged 16-19 make their own decisions about sexuality, Sexual Decisions is not only about the facts of sexual health, but it also delves into the feelings and emotions that surround sex. The philosophy of this book is: _ Teens have a right to ask questions and get answers. _ Teens already know a lot about sex and relationships, but not all there is to know. _ Teens are going to make decisions for themselves about sex. Having access to information can help them make better, safer decisions. _ No question should be left unanswered. The information included in this book is relevant to the lives of teens but includes topics that are not often discussed. It provides an education about sex that is practical, and gives teens a sense of what is going on 'out there'_in other people and the worlds of research and politics_as well as inside themselves.
The text uses an easy-to read, conversational tone from the author to instruct teens on a broad array of subjects which includes the basics of female and male anatomy, reproduction and pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, safer sex, and family planning was refreshing to read a book written specifically for teens that was sex-positive and not afraid to tackle complex issues regarding sexuality...