Treating Addiction as a Human Process

By (author) Edward J. Khantzian

Publication date:

01 June 1999

Length of book:

712 pages


Jason Aronson, Inc.

ISBN-13: 9780765701862

Innovative and humane treatment of patients with substance use disorders distinguishes this highly esteemed practitioner and major psychodynamic thinker. From his initial contribution of identifying the self-medicating function of abused substances, to the continued elaboration and refinement of his work focusing on the addict's ego deficits of self-regulation and self-care, Edward Khantzian's ideas have become the standard in the field of addictions treatment.
His insights into the dynamics of substance abuse have changed the ways that clinicians understand their addicted patients, significantly raising the likelihood of successful treatment. Shifting the focus from a pleasure-seeking to a pain-relieving approach to their patients' substance use enables clinicians to engage in a more positive, compassionate psychotherapeutic relationship, unhampered by countertransference feelings of contempt and condemnation.

Passionate, professional, and unfailingly astute, Dr. Khantzian examines his patients' internal worlds, revealing vulnerabilities while uncovering resiliency and strength. This book, comprehensive in scope, abundant in clinical material, and written with clarity and intelligence, provides a depth of understanding of substance use disorders and an increased hope for recovery.
A Jason Aronson Book
Over the course of three decades, Dr. Khantzian has generated a deep understanding of why addicts self-medicate, why their self-care becomes compromised, and how they can be supported in their attempts to achieve recovery. The substance abuse field is now most fortunate to be given this compendium of Khantzian's work in such a well-organized and coherent form. This volume will be a most valuable resource for experienced practitioners and students alike.