Songs for Beginning Bass Voice

Selected Songs with an Annotated Guide

By (author) Alan J. Ord

Hardback - £70.00

Publication date:

08 November 2001

Length of book:

168 pages


Scarecrow Press

ISBN-13: 9780810841239

The beginning bass singer, with his range and tessitura at the bottom end of the scale of voices, has unique difficulties finding suitable vocal music, which is often very frustrating for him and his teacher. As the young or beginning bass works and waits patiently for his voice to develop, appropriate vocal literature needs to be found which is within his present range and tessitura. To address this problem, this new book lists selected songs carefully chosen from the repertoire, with annotations. Some songs, given as an illustration or example of what is appropriate, are presented in their entirety. Each of these has its own background material complete with interesting biographical information and tips on interpretation. If the song is originally in a foreign language a suitable English version is given as well. In addition, the selected entries provide full access to suitable material; annotations include composer, title, range, tessitura, tempo, meter, difficulty, source, publisher, and pertinent comments. Also includes indexes by composer, title, and publisher.
Contains helpful information for recognizing a young bass voice and choosing appropriate beginning songs.