Una Noche en los Everglades

By (author) Ph. D. Larsen Illustrated by Joyce Mihran Turley Translated by Alida Ribbi, Rudolf Jaffé

Hardback - £11.95

Publication date:

16 June 2012

Length of book:

32 pages


Taylor Trade Publishing

ISBN-13: 9780981770086

Sigue a dos científicos que pasan una noche en los Everglades recogiendo muestras de agua, fotografiando la vida silvestre y chapoteando a través de pantanos en un intento por comprender este ecosistema misterioso. Parte de un esfuerzo a largo plazo para devolver los Everglades a un estado natural después de un siglo de desarrollo, los científicos intentan averiguar lo que era el “Río de hierba” antes de los asentamientos humanos. En el camino, los científicos son sometidos a la nítida hierba de serrucho (“sawgrass”), a aligatores y tortugas y aún son sorprendidos por la repentina presencia de lo que se denomina en los Everglades un “gigger de rana”—¡que caza y recopila las ranas para alimento!
An ecologist records a typical “research night” in Florida’s Everglades, using her own experiences to paint a picture of this unique geological/biological habitat. Larsen’s informative text records the efforts of scientists “Laurel” and “Dan” to evaluate water quality and flow, measure peat layers and sediment rates, photograph “floc” and zooplankton, and collect water samples from a tiny research platform in the heart of the ‘Glades. Slathered in mosquito repellent, they spend a night under the stars, working on their projects and enjoying the wildlife in this wide ecosystem (except for said mosquitoes). Larsen defines unfamiliar terms in the margin and includes snips of data. All is illuminated by Turley’s colorful, full-page illustrations of such sights as airboats, birds, alligators, and a sunrise, and some smaller details of bladderworts, crayfish, and the like. Team this title with Jeff Corwin’s photo-full Jeff Corwin: The Extraordinary Everglades (Grossett & Dunlap, 2010) and Wayne Lynch’s anecdote-graced The Everglades (NorthWorld, 2007) for a clear look at the endangered “River of Grass.” (Review of the English language edition)