Uncertain Safari

Kenyan Encounters and African Dreams

By (author) Allan M. Winkler

Publication date:

24 June 2004

Length of book:

158 pages


Hamilton Books

ISBN-13: 9780761828396

Uncertain Safari deals with the contours and complexities of African life today. Based on author Allan Winkler's personal experiences living and working in Kenya and traveling to many other parts of the continent, the book focuses primarily on East Africa and concentrates on Kenya in particular. It examines one of the most beautiful, and troubled, parts of Africa through a personal lens, highlighting issues of marriage and divorce, education and AIDS, politics, and evolving traditions. The African story warrants our attention. An examination of Kenya, one of the best-known and most-visited African countries, provides an effective means of exploring issues that affect all Africans. Kenya, traditionally more stable than other African nations, now faces many grave problems as its own stability has begun to erode. This book, based on observations, interviews, and personal reflections, highlights the serious issues behind the seemingly idyllic view millions of visitors witness on safari.
'Uncertain Safari' presents...a fascinating and informative travelogue with an exploration of the issues which concern and affect all Africans. An excellent blend of travel and social commentary emerges.